Frequently Used Woodworking Power Tools

A skilled woodworker can produce some amazing things with a huge assortment of tools. For a beginner the choice of tools may be confusing due to the scope from the choice available. This article covers the key types of woodworking tools you’ll probably need as you progress from beginner to intermediate woodworker.

Beginner’s Tools

Circular Saw

A quality circular saw is a vital tool for virtually any woodworker. It is an instrument that should be mastered by beginners early in their career because it is used for lots of jobs. Circular saws are perfect for cutting and sizing wood up to about 2″ (5cm) in thickness.

Power Drill

A power drill can be an indispensable portion of today’s woodworker’s toolkit. They are multipurpose tools that aren’t necessarily merely employed to drill holes. A power drill/driver fitted with all the appropriate accessories can drill large holes using a hole-cutter (9″ [22cm] or larger), drive screws, polish wood, sand, clean metal fittings plus more. A dual speed setting is very useful mainly because it allows low speed, high torque settings to be used. A variable speed trigger is definitely an advantage, as is variable torque for screw driving and similar tasks.

Jig Saw

Jig saws are employed for intricate work, for example enlarging an opening in a kitchen work surface that is to be accustomed to fit a tap, air vent, light fitting etc. The advantage a jig saw has over the circular saw is the capability to make changes of direction within the cut since it travels. This allows for cutting of holes of any shape whatsoever in the solid piece of wood.

Orbital Sander

Once your work piece has become cut on the desired shape it is often important to sand it as a result of smooth surface. When a level, sanded surface is needed an orbital sander can help to conserve an incredible timeframe than the hand sander.

Table Saw

A table saw is not something to get a beginner, but in the hands of an experienced woodworker it can help to save quite a lot of time when many items of wood require cutting. No professional workshop is complete with out them.

Compound Mitre Saw

Compound mitre saws are used for cutting angles, for example when constructing door frames or when taking skirting boards around corners. It is not something which gets lots of use for casual DIY but can be incredibly useful when it is needed. The time it can conserve usually will pay for your money of purchase about the first job it is suited for.


Many imagine a router as just a high-speed drill, but this is not even close to the truth. It might be accustomed to inlay, shape and profile wood and in skilled hands can produce truly beautiful components of work. A quality router will last for a long time if cared for. Avoid models who have insecure depth guides, or very low power.